We are honoured to post the following references from some of our clients:


"Ken Peacocke's research is second to none.  In a recent attendance before the Divisional Court I was able to rely on both a Factum prepared by Mr. Peacocke as well as extensive research.    The Divisional Court panel relied on the case law submitted, and adopted completely the analysis by Mr. Peacocke.   Ken's research is exhaustive, thorough and detailed.   I have had the good fortune to rely on Ken's research on a variety of matters and have found myself better prepared, more knowledgeable and usually more successful than otherwise would be the case.   The efficiency, competence and timeliness of Ken's research is a tremendous asset for any lawyer."

Serge Treherne

Serge Treherne Law Firm

Sudbury, Ontario



 "My practice is extensively involved in the fields of insurance, labour and commercial litigation.  For many years, I have utilized Ken Peacocke's research services in those areas.  Ken has consistently provided timely, up to date case reporting in addition to incisive relevant commentary and analysis.

His assistance has proved indispensable to the ongoing success of my business."


Paul J. Trudell
Seabrook Miller & Trudell
London, Ontario

" I have utilized the excellent services of Ken Peacocke and his staff  for several years. They have provided uniformly competent timely and reasonably priced research with a minimum of direction. Ken is experienced, incisive and friendly. I have no hesitation in recommending his firm to anyone - provided it is not in opposition to me."


Tony Keller
Keller, Morrison & Winny LLP
Waterloo, Ontario

"I have used Mr. Peacocke's research expertise for the past two years and I have found his services to be essential to my practice.  Unlike computer research he focuses in on the issues in your case thereby saving time and expense."


David J. Gillespie
Barrister & Solicitor
Whitby, Ontario

"It is a pleasure to recommend the services of Ken Peacocke.  Over  the years, he and his staff have provided our firm with excellent  research materials, memoranda and facta.  Moreover, Mr. Peacocke's interest in the issues we put before him is genuine and enthusiastic.  I consider his involvement on a file critical to the success of our cases.  His services are an integral part of the services we offer our clients and assist us in providing cost-effective and thorough research in support of the work we do.

At all times, I have found Ken a person of integrity and sound judgment - assets which have allowed me to have confidence and trust in his work."


Elena Dempsey
Barrister & Solicitor
London, Ontario