Appeals are specialized litigation matters.   They are demanding and time-sensitive.

Under the Rules of Civil Procedure, appeals must be “perfected”, that is, the relevant material must be assembled and filed with the Court in accordance with strict requirements.     The term “perfection of an appeal” is not a misnomer.    The assembly and organization of material must be “perfect”.

While there are obvious clerical components to appeal perfection, in our view the proper management of an appeal demands close supervision by, and interaction with,  counsel.    Decisions regarding what material to include, and where to place it, are critical to the appeal presentation.  Material cannot simply be slapped together in a haphazard manner.  Furthermore, there are often short time limits for serving and filing documents, and the consequences of failing to do so properly are time-consuming, costly, and in some cases, fatal to the appeal.    For that reason, we take the organization and  management of appeals very seriously.

Our firm has extensive experience in the processing of appeals from beginning to end.    There are numerous requirements which require a standard of excellence.    We have developed our own checklists which are many pages long, reflecting the need for attention to detail to ensure that appeals proceed in a timely, problem-free manner.

We view the overall organization of court material as a key component of appellate advocacy.   There is a distinct interplay between the factum and the appeal book/compendium and book of authorities.     All are vital elements in the presentation of an appeal.   

We are currently establishing a Sharepoint system through our website which permits document sharing with our clients.

For examples of  an electronic Appeal Book and Compendium, Exhibit Book, Factum and Book of Authorities, click here (it is recommended that they be opened in Adobe Acrobat, and that the Bookmark menu in the left margin be opened, which will list the various tabs).