In addition to the traditional printed, bound and tabbed copies, we provided complete electronic versions of all material required for the perfection of an appeal: i.e.,  Appeal Book and Compendium, Exhibit Book, Factum and Book of Authorities.

In particular, our Appeal Books and Compendium are provided in a PDF format, book-marked in accordance with the hard copy tabs.    The result is that counsel may quickly click on any given tab, and arrive at the document in question.

Click here for samples of electronic an Appeal Book and Compendium, Exhibit Book, Factum and Book of Authorities (it is recommended that they be opened in Adobe Acrobat, and that the Bookmark menu in the left margin be opened, which will list the various tabs).

It is our experience that it is much faster, when arguing an appeal, to click on the electronic version of the relevant tabbed document, rather than locating the hard copy of the particular book in question, and then having to leaf through scores of pages and tabs to find the item in question.   Often, time for arguing appeals is limited, and the inability to locate a document can cause frustration for both counsel and the judges.