Kenneth Peacocke and Michelle Kropp are Ontario lawyers practising in association, with a physical presence in London, Kitchener, and Toronto. Assisted by technology and agents, we are able to handle appeals throughout the province.  Our firm handles a wide variety of Ontario court appeals.

If you have been involved in an Ontario court trial or tribunal decision and are considering an appeal or facing an appeal, you may wish to consider our services.  

We are pleased to assist you, either as your lawyers of record or with specific tasks if you wish to be a self-represented litigant. Some services we provide for self-represented clients are:

  • Consultation and opinions on the merits of a possible appeal
  • Preparation of appeal materials, for example:

    • Notice of Appeal

    • Factum

    • Appeal Book and Compendium

    • Exhibit Book

  • Guidance and assistance through the appeal process

This firm typically handles court appeals involving most areas of law with the exception of Criminal appeals.

Please contact us if you need an appeal lawyer in any of the following cities, or elsewhere in Ontario.